Ridgemede House, Rareridge Lane, Bishop's Waltham, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 1DX

Care Quality Commission (CQC) is responsible for the registration and inspection of social care services in England. We are registered and licensed to provide services by the Care Quality Commission.

Ridgemede Care Ltd received a Good rating for all key areas: This demonstrates that our service is performing well and meeting the expectations.

The five key questions the CQC Inspectors ask about the services and what they found noted:

The service was safe.

The provider had systems in place to manage risk. Staff understood how to recognise, respond and report abuse or any concerns they had about safe care practices.

Robust recruitment procedures ensured that only suitable staff were employed. There were enough staff deployed to provide care and support to people in a safe way and when they needed it.

People received their medicines as prescribed and medicines were stored and managed safely.

Feedback: One Resident said, "Just being here makes me feel safe". Another Resident told us, "Yes I do feel safe, the girls are excellent they know exactly what they are doing. Nothing is too much trouble – and it is very homely and comfortable". A relative told us, "The staff look after (person) well. I have no concerns at all. The home contact me if they are worried and let me know".

A health care professional told us, "Given the high level of frailty and declining mental health there are very few incidents such as falls. If a resident becomes more confused and at risk of falls the staff input is increased to minimise the risk".

The service was effective.

Staff were provided with training and support that gave them the skills to care for people effectively.

People's rights were protected because staff were aware of their responsibilities under the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

People's nutritional needs were assessed and professional advice and support was obtained for people when needed.

Feedback: Following a visit from a health and social care professional to the home they wrote, "I viewed the new care planning and management electronic system which is now being used and I am delighted with the progress made. I also looked through five random files and am satisfied with the way in which staff are using the tool to record information".

The service was caring.

People were comfortable and relaxed in the company of the staff supporting them.

Staff treated people with dignity, respect and kindness. Staff fully understood and were aware of people's needs, likes, interests and preferences.

People were involved in making decisions about their care, treatment and support as far as possible.

Feedback: One relative said, "They attend to all my mother's needs, they send for a GP if she is unwell and they respond quickly".

One Resident said, "I'm fine and well looked after". Another added, "The carers here are wonderful, they always go the extra mile to help us enjoy normal life. They take me round the building for walks every day – they always encourage me to do as much as I feel able. I am definitely making progress and I also feel safe doing it. This helps me when I go on outings in the minibus".

One relative told us, "Staff are all very friendly and (person) seems to get on well with the staff". Another relative told us, "The staff are very nice, lovely people".

A health and social care professional told us, "I find the staff very caring; they will often spend extra time with residents when needed even if it is just to sit and hold their hand when they need it".

One relative told us, "(Person) is always clean tidy and dressed appropriately. They had a couple of tumbles before coming here and wanted to give up. Staff have really supported them well and encouraged them to be independent in a non-pushy way. They really have helped to turn things around".

The service was responsive.

People's individual assessments and care plans were reviewed with their participation or their representatives' involvement regularly.

Care plans had been updated to reflect any changes to ensure continuity of their care and support.

Pre-admission assessment of needs included information about people’s likes, dislikes and preferences about how their care was to be provided.

Systems were in place to deal with any complaints received.

Feedback: A Advanced Nurse Practitioner. They told us, "I work closely with the staff to resolve any medical or nursing issues that arise. The staff will contact me and the Community Care Team for advice and support to help them provide a high standard of care.

People and their relatives told us care and support was delivered the way people wanted it to be. One person said, "I am cared for exactly how I want it". Another person told us, "When I'm doing my colouring I like to be on my own. They are very good and let me sit on my own". A third person added, "I can't fault it in any way. The staff are very good here. They let me be me but are on hand if I need help".

The home employed an activities co-ordinator who told us they planned activities in advance however as people's needs changed there was a need for flexibility and activities changed accordingly. One person told us, "They are all very kind and caring. The events lady (activities co-ordinator) comes to my room and helps me with my exercises, given to me by the physiotherapist who comes every month. The hairdresser comes every Monday and they all take the time to have a proper chat. They are all very kind and caring.

The service was well led.

Staff, people and relatives told us

The registered manager had created a warm, supportive and non-judgemental environment in which people had clearly thrived.

Staff interacted with people positively, displaying understanding, kindness and sensitivity.

There were effective systems in place to monitor all aspects of the care and treatment people received. Audits had been conducted regularly by the registered manager to drive improvement.

Feedback: "A relative told us, "I think it is very well run. I have found everyone helpful, approachable and very importantly honest and open".

A health care professional told us, "The registered manager supports the staff to give a very high standard of care".

Staff told us that they felt supported by management. One staff member said, "It's lovely working here, great team and residents. We all sort things out together". Another staff member told us, "I love working here, I feel like I belong here".

Staff told us there was good communication within the team and they worked well together. Staff, people and relatives told us the registered manager was an extremely visible leader who created a warm, supportive and non-judgemental environment in which people had clearly thrived. The home had a clear management structure in place led by an effective registered manager who understood the aims of the service. Staff told us the morale was excellent and that they were kept informed about matters that affected the service.

Please do not hesitate to ask us about our quality assurance improvement plan.